27 Eylül 2009 Pazar

Crazy Media Converter 1.0b

Converts multimedia files to various formats

Crazy Media Converter 1.0b

Converts multimedia files to various formats

23 Eylül 2009 Çarşamba

Scan & Attach for Outlook 1.2

Scan & Attach is a handy Outlook plugin that saves you time whenever you want to scan a document and send it as Outlook email attachment. It adds a "Scan & Attach" button to new Outlook emails and replies. When that button is clicked the scanner begins the scanning process. The scanned image will then directly be attached to the Outlook email as a PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG or BMP file. When required the "Scan & Preview" button opens a full blown image editor. All the options you may possibly need to adjust, crop, flip or reorder the scanned images before attaching them to the Outlook email are there. The editor supports multiple languages and 18 different skins to offer you the interface that you prefer best.A small tool that saves you time whenever you want to scan a document and send it by email

15 Eylül 2009 Salı

Dvd pack 3

Part three of a beautiful set of dock icons for your home computer

Parallels Desktop 4.0.6578 Build 438874

Parallels Desktop will help you improve productivity & work cross platform without the need for additional hardware. From application developers to power users and corporate desktops, personal computer virtualization software has become a mainstream component in the productivity toolkit. Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows & Linux includes superior technology bundled together in an easy to use package.Easy to install, easy to useFast to setup, intuitive to use, Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows & Linux is designed from the ground up to make running multiple operating systems and their applications simple.Lighting fast performanceFrom simple to complex environments Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows & Linux gives you control over of up to 8 virtual CPUs, 8GB of virtual memory & 2TB virtual hard drives which are all complimented with our adaptive hypervisor optimization which improves performance and keeps you productive.Flexible to meet your needsParallels Desktop installs on a wide variety of Windows & Linux variations supporting both 32 and 64 bit environments for tremendous flexibility in both host and guest operating system support.Best value for your moneyBroad operating system support, advanced integration features, reusable virtual machines in a simple to install, fully supported package makes Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows & Linux the clear choice when it comes to getting the most value for your money.NOTE:With registration, you can download trial activation keys to Parallels products and stay informed of Parallels news, announcements and product updates. Simultaneously run multiple operating systems on your PC

9 Eylül 2009 Çarşamba

Gate Security 2.0.0

Gate Security software is a guest management program designed for residential communities, property management companies, condo or private security companies.It is a very simple for novice user and it has a lot of functions like printing, video surveillance with motion detection, reports etc.A system for visitor management

6 Eylül 2009 Pazar

SuperNotecard 2.9.10

SuperNotecard uses virtual notecards to help manage writing projects. This approach focuses on the basic compositional parts and keeps the structure flexible so that it can be easily rearranged. SuperNotecard offers several ways to view and organize the notecards and makes it easy to find and revisit them. Furthermore, even beginner users will be able to move the cards around the screen in order to refine the flow. Using a simple color-coding system, SuperNotecard enables writers to link content to plots, categories, characters or references and these relationships can be reviewed from several perspectives. This software will help you manage all your writing projects using cards and decks to keep them organized

5 Eylül 2009 Cumartesi

Panther Sleek 1.0 S2

A powerful yet easy-to-use encryption application

3 Eylül 2009 Perşembe

Registry Mighty 6.4

Have you ever been bothered with the computer running slowing? Is your computer suffering from freezing, crashing or blue screen, and some pop-up mysterious errors? Are you worried about every move on the PC being tracked? The Registry Mighty application provides complete solutions for deep scanning PC errors, automatically clean & fix the detected problems and system optimization engine to speed up your PC performance. Besides, the rich add-on utilities provide additional care for the health of your computer and tools to conveniently back up the data before repairing and clean up the junk files and duplicate files on your hard drives.Registry Mighty uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. With a few easy steps Registry Mighty™ will scan your entire Windows registry and drives for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found. After that you can choose to clean list items with selection or automatically repair them all.Cleans registry and optimizes PC for better performance

2 Eylül 2009 Çarşamba

mst Defrag Workstation Edition 3.6.0 Build 6165

As a computer professional you are certainly familiar with the issues caused by fragmented hard drives. Maybe you even tested the Windows-integrated "Disk Defragmenter" and probably gave up after a more or less short period of time. mst Defrag neither interferes with your work, due to excessive use of your systems resources, nor does its configuration, installation and maintenance in a private or companywide networking environment create additional, unnecessary hassle. Proactive, automatic but nevertheless customizable to special needs mst Defrag Workstation Edition does its work in the background and keeps the performance of your system at the highest possible level.mst Defrag Workstation Edition can be rolled out easily, can be installed remotely and of course it can be managed and controlled completely within a network. The remote management doesnt require specialized software or additional licences. All you need comes with mst Defrag Workstation EditionA simple to use utility for your hard disk drive.