30 Ekim 2009 Cuma

LastPass For Firefox 1.60

LastPass is a free password manager and Form Filler that makes your web browsing easier and more secure and supports IE and Firefox, allows you to import from every major password storage vendor and export too, captures passwords that other managers wont including many AJAX forms, and allows you to make strong passwords easily.The last password you will ever need.

27 Ekim 2009 Salı

Boos AccountTracker Home Edition 1.2

Whether you are Juggling a family budget, a Real Estate Agent, or a Commercial Contractor, Boos AccountTracker Home Edition can offer you powerful solutions for these questions.Create your own family budget. Know where your money is going with the simple touch of a button.

10 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

VTK Import for Inventor 1.0

VTK Import for Inventor is a VTk mesh data file import plugin for Inventor. This add-in gives Inventor the ability to import polygon data from VTK files. VTK Import for Inventor reads polygon mesh data stored in VTK files and imports it into Inventor. A polygon mesh in a VTK file is comprised of a set of triangular faces. VTK Import for Inventor creates trimmed planar surfaces for each triangle and knits them together to create a body. If the polygon mesh is closed (i.e. it does not contain boundary edges) then VTK Import for Inventor will create a closed body feature, otherwise an open surface will be created. VTK Import for Inventor is very easy to use. Once installed, it must be loaded into the Inventor environment. Once loaded, it also adds a ribbon bar to the Inventor user interface called "Add-Ins" containing the new commandsVisualization Toolkit VTK file import add-in for Inventor