6 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

EscCloseTab 1.0

EscCloseTab is a Firefox extension designed to enable you to close browser tabs just by hitting escape.EscCloseTab is extremely light-weight and you wont even feel that its there. Just press escape whenever you want to close a tab.

8 Eylül 2011 Perşembe

Syncro SVN Client 7.0 Build 2011070716

Syncro SVN Client is a very useful tool that makes it easier to share document and code between developers or content authors. It offers full SVN repository support: checkout, export, import, copy, mkdir, rename, branch, tag and delete. You can browse repositories, check for changes, commit changes, update your working copy, examine the revision history in tabular form or as a revision graph, view the svn annotations, integrate it with bug tracking tools. Also you can examine the changes after a synchronize operation for text files or image files in a Compare View or see the differences between two revisions of a folder.SVN conflicts appeared after an update operation can be easily solved using the visual conflicts editing feature. There is no need to install separate applications like a Subversion command line client or a file compare tool. NOTE: In order to use the trial version, you will need to request a free trial key here.Makes sharing documents and code snippets between content authors or developers much easier

10 Ağustos 2011 Çarşamba

AutoDialogs 2.7.180

AutoDialogs is a Windows program that was developed to provide quick access to the folders you use most often in standard Open / Save as / Browse for folder dialogs (including Office 95/97/2000/XP and Windows 2000 Professional dialog boxes), Windows Explorer and other programs. Using AutoDialogs, you can automatically insert pre-selected folders into your dialog boxes using a system tray menu (requires only 2 clicks) or a pre-assigned hot key (one keystroke) With AutoDialogs, you no longer need dozens of mouse clicks to navigate to that desired folder!Easily access your favorite folders from any Open/Save dialog

6 Şubat 2011 Pazar

CanadianTax 3.6 Build 9397

This Canadian Sales Tax Calculator can be used on-line as an Applet in your browser, without installing it on your computer.Java source code and sample HTML included.This version computes by adding GST HST and PST to a base price. It also works in reverse given the final price working backwards to get the taxes and base price. In other words it will tell you the stickerprice to make something come out even after taxes are added.The distributed version is absolutely identical to the registered version, and includes Java source and sample HTML. You may use the code freely in your own programs. You dont need to register multiple copies.You can run the program without installing it as an Applet athttp://mindprod.com/applet/canadiantax.htmlCalculates Canadian sales taxes: GST HST and PST.